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WARNING : This article is only for those who want to be good at something; who want to be a person of value; and want to do something very different and are very serious about their career. (You will know why I warned you if you read ahead).

If you have different priorities, then leave it, No hard feelings — okay?

This article will tell you about this one thing which has the potential to bring you in the top 1% category within 6 months!

You see, there are so many skills in this world that are in very high demand and has a scarce supply of professionals. And these skills (particularly the one I will be talking about) will never be replaced by AI!

Simply because it involves human emotions like empathy, creativity & imagination to perform. Marketing industry is by far the best example of such industry.

So if you are a person who has all of these, then you are the perfect person to enter this very upcoming, completely unsaturated and high in demand industry.

In fact, this skill is so powerful that it will help you make an income you cannot outlive. And if you put in the work, put in the hours (and take what’s yours ;), you can achieve this level of financial stability within 6 months!

If you pick up the latest statistics of 2021, $537 billion dollars were spent on digital marketing campaigns around the world. (With an expected growth rate of 30%. (You do the math and then think if I am spitting the truth or not :)

Unlike other corporate jobs, it doesn’t demand very solid communication skills.

Doesn’t matter if your first language isn’t English in the first place.

Doesn’t matter that your present income is zero, 20 or 200 per week.

Doesn’t matter! Nobody cares!

All you need to be successful in this is patience, a learning attitude, and a burning desire to excel in whatever you do. Could you guess what I am talking about?


You probably never heard of it.

But I can guarantee you that it’s the most important skill of the marketing world.

It is the skill to “close in print”. The ads, the commercials or any form of text that makes you spend your money — is copy; written by a copywriter.

The message which you sent to propose your crush was also a copy. ( If they said yes — then it was a good one! ) Copywriting teaches you “HOW TO THINK”. It teaches you how to use words to make people do whatever you want.

You know what -

“ Whatever that’s in your home, is all because of a copywriter. “

Whether that copywriter created a demand for that thing, or made you realize that you need it, or simply created a desire in your mind for that product. Whatever be the case, he made that company some good money ;)

You see, the reason why copywriting is so important is because it takes advantage of something people can’t control.


That’s right, it’s not Logic (like you might be thinking).

Selling to the buyer’s emotions is the best way to sell.

Because — “People buy with emotion. And justify it with logic!

As a copywriter, you can work to write Facebook Ads, or emails, sales page copy or craft a big chunky sales letter for your product. The list is endless!

Well, if you have stuck with me so far and want to learn about this new skill, then you need to remember these things:


A lot of people when they start learning copywriting, put a pressure on this skill to make them money ASAP! This is far away from a wise strategy. Learning copywriting takes time.

Because you have to understand the deep innate desires of the readers, get into their minds and then craft a message. So it requires pretty good research and a good execution strategy to write a high performing copy.

  • 2.) START

To learn copywriting, simply start writing! Start writing something you are passionate about. You can start off by writing small articles, essays or anything which suits you.

After that, you can indulge in writing persuasive messages to build a copywriter’s mindset. Pick up any industry, grab a pen-paper (a notebook works as good) and start writing!


A lot of people associate sales, marketing and business with dishonesty and unethical activities. Which is far from the truth!

A copywriter with a ‘scarcity mindset’ can never be a good copywriter. You have to think this way — Business, Marketing and Sales are the way to grow the economy!

There are some copywriters who have contributed a lot to the marketing and advertising industry and are considered to be the “Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.)”

Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Eugene M Schwartz, Claude C Hopkins, are all “HALL OF FAME” copywriters. Visit the website to see their works and get a taste of ‘real world copywriting’.

You will see how they have written ads which immediately draw the attention of the reader.

Copywriting is not difficult, but very very different. That’s why I warned you right in the beginning ;)

In my next article, I have covered a Step by Step — Beginner’s Guide to Copywriting to make it easier for you to learn this skill. And before that, I want you to go through the basic terminologies of copywriting to make you well versed with industry jargon.

If you want to learn more about copywriting, there are a plethora of videos and playlists on the internet. However, I have another idea in mind.

What if you get all these learnings in a documented way? What if you have all the copywriting tips, exercises, worksheets etc. with you ALL THE TIME?

I have written an e-book for complete newbies in this field. Do check it out on this link. It will be a great gift for yourself this New Year :)

See ya!

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