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Storytelling: The Secret Sauce

How do you think tribal people used to talk sitting in their caves, back in the stone age?

How did they pass their history and learnings of hunting food exploring new areas to their future generations?

They did so through pictures of incidents carved on stones in the form of a series of stories.

Hence the human brain is designed to connect with stories instead of statistics and data.


You want to buy a treadmill for daily cardio and fat loss. You opened the top two websites on Google. The first one shows all the success stories in the form of video testimonials, along with before and after pictures of people who used the product. The second website just offers the features of the treadmill such as LED screen, belt material used, maximum speed, total weight, etc., without building any story.

Now let me ask you.

From where are you going to buy it?

It's definitely from the first website. Right.


Because the first website sells a dream along with the product through success stories. But the second website just sells the product.

Storytelling is one of the many essential aspects of

effective communication.

Stories are the best way to hook the listener and get their undivided attention to make further communication effortless. Most people lack the basic skill of effective communication, hence they don't get sales, they are not able to close clients to work with them, they are not able to climb the corporate ladder.

But here’s the solution once and for all such problems …



Communicate Effectively and Make Them Feel You are VIP

P.S. Observe the above Article too has many elements of storytelling.

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