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Make a Store Like a Pro!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

One needs to be very cautious while creating their website. Everyone knows that.

But how to be Cautiously deal it. That's the question.

Here we are discussing what are the basic things your Online Store needs to have looked like a Pro.

The Key features which makes any website professional:

  • Chatbox, one of the most trending features, which you will find on every professional site.

Chatbox or any other way of Communicating directly with the Owner gives your website a Genuine Boost.

Otherwise, in case, you have not given any sort of info about yourself, it seems fraudulent.

  • An Aesthetic, Deep and Clear Theme. Take out time and select the best theme.

WiX offers a large variety of it, making it much easier for us to proceed.

  • High-Quality Images. Third quality images make the scenario worst. So, work on the graphics and looks of the Image of the product, you are adding.

  • Loading Time should be as less as possible.

I think people ignore this aspect which costs them heavily. Use fewer images and videos and remove the unnecessary ones.

I have discussed it in detail in my eBook named "E-Commerce Made Easy".

You may check it out in the Library section.

  • A proper and relatable Background is Must. Otherwise, it lost the aesthetic look.

Here "look" doesn't mean your website look, it's your product. Be sure that you are doing all these very cautiously.

Be Cautious and get all the Pro-tips + Step-by-Step Guide to make the Website using WiX.

Do check it out in the Library Section "E-Commerce Made Easy".

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