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Ignoring this mistake in graphic designing can decrease your closing rate.

Improving designing skill can increase closing rate.

but you have to only improve it upto a certain extent, you just don't have to keep improving your designing skills because it won't make any progress towards your goal.

So one day, A student had a test of physics 3 days later, and he was staying in hostel under control of hostel warden, so this guy was most hard working and industrious.

He would study daily, for 18 hours non stop and he was favourite student of the warden and the warden used to show his as example and mock other students, but on the day of result he got the last rank in the class, everyone in hostel was happy except warden and the student on that day.

warden asked the student, you idiot, why did you failed in the test so badly, and then he proceeded to check his notebooks furiously, and he saw that he grinded only on out of syllabus chapters.

so moral of the story is, don't waste time on unimportant things.

Pro tip- don't spend more than 5% of time on improving your designing skill because by doing this you will sacrifice other important things like copywriting, persuasion, marketing, and other necessary things to fulfil.

but this doesn't means you should completely ignore designing because ignoring it can have very bad impact upon your work because designing helps you to build your first impression and first impression can't be improved over time, it's just all or none.

very bad designing will make a bad impression on the reader, and even it can decrease your sales by a large number.

And good design will make first impression better by 80%, and excellent design will make it only better by 90% but investing time and money on improving designing skills from good to excellent will have very bad ROI.

so what we have to do is, just learn good enough designing skills.

How to improve designing skills?

we have to learn about colour palette, fonts, expressing emotion effectively, rectifying small UI/UX mistakes.

what are some of the common UI/UX mistakes?

not having proper contrast which makes it very tough to read.

not having proper hierarchy.

not using the right fonts, colours to transmit the message properly.

overusing effects.

and so on.

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