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Get whatever you want from communication smoothly!

have you ever encountered a situation where you spoke about something else and the listener interpreted it in entirely wrong way?

After this happens it feels as if I should bang my head against wall😩.

it is no joke but your life span also decreases if you can't communicate properly because communication is everything, be it negotiating, telling everyone what you think about something and so on.

If you can't negotiate properly you will get filled with resentment and resentment produces deadly toxic chemicals In body which will make you unstable, old before age and so on.

and on other hand, if you can communicate you ideas properly, you will be able to get everything you want from the world very smoothly, don't believe in me, try to improve your communication and see the clear changes.

but what does improving communication means?

it means using right words, right tonality, right body language and other aspects of communication.

Repeating, shouting, whining won't help you to communicate your ideas properly, you need to learn something way more than this.

NOTE- just learning from articles like this won't make you able to communicate properly, you will have to communicate with people, I don't mean to communicate with random friends, go out and do some intense communication, create podcast, talk with smart people, create intellectual content and so on.

do something intense where you need communication skills. Average person speaks less than 30 mins a day, you have to speak for at least 60 mins a day so that you can improve.

TONALITY So, what is tonality, tonality is varying nature of voice, speed, pitch. on unimportant things you increase your speed and lower your voice to show that the thing about which you are talking is unimportant. are you getting my point? So we have identified our one problem, if you are talking about something and using the wrong tonality you will mess up your communication. its just like you are saying sorry to someone while showing middle finger, it doesn't works like this. BODY LANGUAGE

body language includes your facial expressions, hand gestures etc. its nature is also same as that of tonality.


their are very subtle difference between the emotions, message, Meaning of different synonyms of same word, so we have to use right synonym at right time to communicate our idea properly.

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