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Exponential technique to increase followers through stories

In this article we will learn how can we leverage the stories.

In starting lot of people ignore stories but we won't because we will see it's power.

You have to create content in a way that people want to share it on their stories

Isn't this powerful?

and by this you will grow exponentially.

I can tell you some points to keep in mind but the best thing will be to observe the types of stories that people of your niche post.

1.your post should not be self centric-

Imagine some person, posting their image on Instagram, what are the chances that other person will share that post on their story until and unless he/she is very special to them?

Close to zero.

2. it Can be your take on trending topic, if your take touched their heart, chances are, they will share it.

3. it produces a Big mindset shift-

Think of a situation where some Quote drastically changed how you perceive the world, Don't you feel to share it?

Yes we all do, and we can leverage this fact.

4. It is for followers of your followers, everyone is looking for content to present on their profile but problem is dearth of it, we can also leverage this fact.

5. Because it makes them cool

Note:- you don't have to remember above points, You have to apply your brain in it because there are a lot of variations in different niches.

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