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Communicate Effectively and Make Them Feel You are VIP

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Do you know what all of the most successful people in the world have in common?

That one factor that separates the leaders from the crowd?

It’s the ability to get messages across clearly and effectively and make people listen to whatever you say.

It doesn’t matter what field you are learning or a professional in – sales, corporate training, marketing, etc., effective communication will help you reach out to your audiences better and get them to produce your desired result!

Hey, wait a minute, I just realized that communication could not be ignored or expected to improve without working towards it. If you don’t realize the power of effective communication, you’ll potentially be wasting days and months trying to get your messages across! A happy realization to you, too, if you feel what communication can do if done correctly.

Let me help you in this process

Which was the last movie you watched?

You have a super quick answer, right?

The director communicated his ideas so well, and the actors portrayed their characters with so much Involvement as if it’s more realistic than life itself. Do you remember the state of your mind after you come out of the cinema hall? Their communication skills make you so focused and involved that you are still in the movie.

Do you remember that Pepsi ad or English textbook chapters in your school days?

For most people, movies ads, etc., are on their tongue but not the answers to their school exams.

Could you be so involved with your Teachers and Mentors? I don't think it's easy unless you are a monk or you have worked on your involvement consciously, and it’s entirely in your hands.

So why do you even need to work on your communication skills?

Why do you have to think about how you speak and text on Social media?

Why do you even want to ensure that your clients, colleagues, or teammates get to know your ideas?

Because just like you can’t be involved in everything, others may not be interested in you if you didn’t work on your communication, this might be dangerous to your goal. Once you work enough on this one thing, the intensity of your life will change without even noticing.

Imagine your goal; people want to listen and learn from you and join your team, eager to do business with you. Overall they are happier in your presence.

Yes, it’s possible, because Communication is a learnable skill.

I used to be a shy guy in my school days, where my friends would enjoy talking wholeheartedly, but I would just speak a few sentences.

I’ve been in a situation where teachers punished me for someone else’s mistake just because I couldn’t explain my point of view effectively.

I now realize that all that happened for a good cause, and those bad experiences pushed me to improve my communication skills.

Today I speak to so many new people as if they have been in contact with me for years. They ask me, “Hey, how did you change so much? I still remember seeing you in a corner all alone while we were all enjoying the party.”

I now want to share all my learnings and various life-changing experiences so that others don't have to miss out on anything only because of being bad at Communication.

I am sure to see you with my upcoming ebook if you have realized its immensity.



Communicate Effectively and Make Them Feel You are VIP

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