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Best Advices for a beginner UX Designer ?

I asked all of the great UX experts if they had any advice for people new to the field. The top pieces of advice were:

1. Keep learning and stay curious : Several participants mentioned continuous learning, which can be built up through reading, asking questions, and applying concepts to your own work.

2. Respect others : There’s no room in UX for an overinflated ego and lack of respect. Being able to listen, collaborate, and appreciate others and their roles were listed as incredibly important traits of a successful UX practitioner.

3. Be confident : Imposter syndrome and low confidence can get in the way of voicing your point of view, and may impact the ability to advocate best for users. But our participants advised to speak up and not to worry about asking silly questions, because these will pay off.

4. Be in charge of your own career : Having a career in UX is not always perfectly defined. Our respondents advised UX practitioners to consider their strengths and weaknesses and be motivated to take their own career progression into their own hands.

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